Badass Female Book Characters + name meaning

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+Tenth Doctor in 2.08The Impossible Planet

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meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever

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Lately I’ve been a bit anxious: Do I have a job next year or don’t I?

In a facebook post on April 3rd, Misha stated that he still does not know his status for season 10. He went on to note the efforts of the fans that have sent support for him to the network. He even included the full address of the assistant to the network’s president in his post. Deliberate? We don’t know, but we intend to make full use of the information!

Now more than ever, it’s important to let TPTB know just how much Misha and Castiel mean to you.

We need you to Send a blue tie for Castiel!

We want Misha back for Season 10, and back as a regular in more episodes than in season 9, but we need your help to let TPTB know. Go to your local second hand store or charity shop and buy a blue tie (or multiple blue ties!). Consider online options like amazon too. They shouldn’t be more than a few dollars each. Then send your tie to the network president or the showrunners to let them know you want Castiel in season 10. Include a note that reads

We couldn’t help but notice Castiel misplaced his iconic blue tie. We figured he might want it back for season 10, the same way WE want Misha back for season 10 as a regular in even more episodes than season 9! We went ahead and sent this blue tie to help Castiel out.

Or write something in your own words that expresses the same idea, unique messages always get attention. Remember to be polite and respectful, this is about sharing love, not anger or upset.

You can send your blue tie in a bubble mailer like this or in a small box like this.

Mail your note and your blue tie to:

Roman Browne
Office of Mark Pedowitz
President, The CW Network
3300 W Olive Ave, 3rd Floor
Burbank, CA 91505


Jeremy Carver and Robert Singer
Supernatural c/o Warner Bros Television
3400 Riverside Drive, 7th Floor
Burbank, CA, 91505

Thanks for your ongoing support of Misha and Castiel!

-The Castiel Fan Network

on twitter @angelwarriorcas

Robbie Thompson confirmed they’re getting the blue ties we’re sending! BUT still no official word on #Misha4SPN10 so keep on sending Ties for Castiel until we hear!

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CLICK THE PICS  for my version!!! (captions on pics)

But seriously—

#Can we talk about this phone conversation?!? #How Sam is talking the whole time then when Dean answers Cas’s question #CAS STOPS AND SMILES ALL LIKE #omg my baby and there is pure happiness on his face #Cas barely smiles and not like that #HE MISSES DEAN #and then he asks how he is #THEN HE SAYS HE MISSES HIS WINGS #aka DEAN #Looks at the look on Dean’s face like d’awww my baby misses me I miss him too #ALSO look at Sam, he is looking at Dean, knowing damn well that those two love each other and seeing his brother smile for the first time in Chuck knows when because their lives have been in the toilet for months because of all of this BS #DESTIEL baby

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John is most certainly in danger

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2.19 "Folsom Prison Blues"

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harry and ginny having triplet boys and naming them james, sirius, and remus respectively

and mcgonagall’s reaction when they’re at hogwarts like


no not again


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